Compression Socks

Great for Varicose Veins, Edema, Swelling and Chronic Leg Fatigue

Motion Socks

Medical Grade Compression Socks are for those people that live active lifestyles both at work and at leisure. These motion socks tend to be best for athletic shoes, work boots, hikers, and winter boots. 20-30mmHg

Style Socks

Style Compression Socks provide ultimate comfort and fashionable colors and designs for those of you who like to spice up your wardrobe
20-30mmHG, 30-40mmHG

Essential Socks

The Essential socks are for those clients that aren’t as worried about the look as they are about the ability to control edema/swelling. The Cotton material is our most popular sock for clients with severe edema. 20-30mmHg, 30-40mmHg

  • Essential Cotton

  • Opaque


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